Something is wrong with McCain

Okay, first something happened to McCain’s face and then he got confused and couldn’t find his way off the stage.  This is not good.  I’m not voting for the man, and one of the reasons is that I think he is too old, but I don’t like to see anyone suffer like this.  A responder to the post in the link above makes an excellent point, pasted in below:

awlbayport 22 minutes ago

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I am a retired internist but I taught neuroanatomy and did neurochemical research. Yes irritability of the seventh nerve pathways could be responsible for this phenonemon but there are other possibilities including somthing involving the facial nucleus or pontine pathways which could be a lesion but it seems unlikely that this would result in confusion. Confusion suggests a transient ischemic attack or a petti mal seizure. At the very least we need to have a neurological exam and an MRI revealed to the public before this man takes the office of president.

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