What do Illinoisans think of Obama?

“From the grassroots of the Democratic Party to the state’s top elected officials, Barack Obama’s choice of Joe Biden as his running mate earned a resounding thumbs up Saturday.

Gathered with an estimated 35,000 supporters and onlookers at the Old State Capitol in Springfield, Robb McCoy, a 31-year-old Chenoa resident called Biden a “safe choice.”

“It strengthened the perceived weaknesses that Obama has with experience,” McCoy said.

Springfield resident Melissa Cornell, who was among those who fought off hot and humid temperatures to watch the event, said she liked Biden during the early days of the primary season.

“He is an excellent choice and an excellent representation of Barack’s judgment,” Cornell said. “Biden tells it the way it is. He’s straightforward, and I think that’s what Barack wants.”

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4 Responses to What do Illinoisans think of Obama?

  1. Bruce says:

    I’m originally from downstate Illinois. (Haven’t lived there in years and years). Used to be very Republican area. May still be. But I know there are many Obama supporters in that area now. Great to hear it!


  2. Larry Who says:

    My 87-year old dad and 84-year old mom live in Illinois. They don’t believe anyone will vote for Obama/Biden. No one. Zero. Zilch. But then again, it could be the crowd they hang around with – people that actually vote.


  3. girldujour says:

    Larry, everyone is entitled to an opinion. What you state above could very well be your parents’ opinion. However, I am sure that there are plenty of people in Illinois that your parents have not spoken with on this matter.


  4. Larry Who says:

    I did fail to mention that Mom and Dad have never voted for anyone other than a Republican. Never once in their lives. 99.9% of their friends are former farmers who always vote GOP.

    Illinois goes pretty much the way Cook County goes which is usually Democratic. Rural areas and small town voters have very little sway in the Land of Lincoln.


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