Shannyn Moore, Alaska Radio Host, has “outrage fatigue”

“Shannyn, a native Alaskan who is a regular guest on Air America and has been featured on “Countdown with Keith Olbermann, was kind enough to speak with OpEdna over the phone a few hours ago, and the conversation was startling. Shannyn has interviewed Sarah Palin a number of times in her career as a radio host, and on her blog, she looks to make the truth about Alaska’s Governor known. A crusader for rape victims, Shannyn and OpEdna discussed the “silent” victims of rape in Wasilla, who were victimized twice: once by the criminal, and a second time by the town government which forced them to pay for their own rape kits.

The victims are out there, but unlikely to hold a press conference about their experience. Insensitive skeptics demand proof that these women exist, not taking into consideration the shame, guilt, and pain associated with sexual assault. Shannyn, however, continues to crusade for the victims and for the truth to come out about Sarah Palin’s level of involvement.

“Alaska has the nation’s highest per-capita rate of forcible rape,” Shannyn reports on her blog. “A disproportionate number of rape and sexual assault victims are Native Alaskan women.”

Read the whole story here.


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