After the debate… I’m still voting for Obama, the best person for the job

I was reading something this morning that I found interesting:

While declining to land any personal blows on John McCain, Barack Obama remained cool, confident and dare I say it?  Presidential in tonight’s debate to John McCain’s Grampy McCrankypants routine.  It appears that the pundits and flash polls agree, as the majority of those polls scored it for Obama, including Frank “The Hair” Luntz’s dial polls on *gasp* FOX News (maybe that’s why they don’t have them up on the website).

But there was one moment where Obama was direct and on the offense, without the petulance of McCain, as he confronted McCain’s rote recitation of being smart but unpopular by supporting the surge.  From the flash polls I’ve seen, this moment resonated deeply with those undecided voters, especially since McCain would not even look Obama in the eye.

You can read the whole thing, and more, by clicking here.


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