The Truth about Sarah Palin: She lies (and worse)

There are many sources that can tell you what Sarah Palin is really all about and not what her canned speeches tell you.  For your reference here are just a few:

Palin v. Reality 

Mudflats an intelligent Alaskan’s perspective

San Francisco Chronicle shares lies, half-truths and contradictions from the McCain campaign

Pray away the Gay  Sarah Palin’s church hopes to “Pray Away the Gay” and convert homosexuals to heterosexuals

Wall Street Journal

New York Times says:  She’s Not Ready

Washington Monthly  “In the event of a tragedy or national calamity, and a President McCain were unable to carry out his duties, who does John McCain believe is the single best, most trustworthy, most capable, most reliable person in the entire United States to lead the free world?”

Mike Doogan, a Democratic Member of the Alaska House of Representatives, also says that she’s not ready.

Boston Herald another article in the Washington Monthly.

Even in the UK they are calling Sarah Palin “the most underqualified vice-president ever

I could go on, but right now I have other things that I have to do.  More later.


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